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                     This site is the Gate to a lot of talented artists, models, writers and more. This is also a place to vent and voice your opinion. Life is short, leave your mark, let the wrold know who you are and why you are here. Enjoy yourself. Listen to the artist, play the games, chat with friends... and stop by the shop for original designs. This is something new. This is a movement. 

  Money is the Motivation

and your talent is the way





"Welcome to Blu's World. Sit back, Relax, and let Miss Blu take you on a Musical High. I want to take you to the underground. Some of the hottest and most talented people you have not had the pleasure to call an act of yours. Some you know, some you wish you did. This is a journey that you may not be readii to take on. This is a High you can't control. Let the beat hit ya ears and let the music ease ya mind. Take it in. Inhale... Exhale. I'm about to make love to your ears. Are you Readii?"

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